Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Queen

There are many in my court whom I love dearly

The jester who runs in circles
Brings me laughter, and dances with joy
While internally,
he is crying himself to sleep when wake
in awaking to his own grace

The warrior with the deepest blue eyes
And arms of steel
Able to slice open the hardest chest
his own filled with the greatest heart
faithful and fearless

The wizard who conjures up spells
Weaving his magic upon worlds unseen
in laberynths of the mind and space
Who cannot find time to weave his own
Nor fix his broken house

The handmaids who are my closests confidants
Who listen intently when I weep
And offer advice greater than the wisest priest
They are my greatest treasures
i love them dearly

The bard who sings sweet songs
For me to sleep
And in his arms; there I shall
Until I cast him out in the morning light
and he wanders on

And to my King
Who is my equal
Who understands his own place
And his place in my Queendom
I welcome you..

A good queen creates no suffering
through her actions
her thoughts are clear and heart is pure
she looks for no one outside herself
and welcomes all into her court

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