Wednesday, April 18, 2007


This supernovae is expanding at the constant rate
of cosmological consciousness.
Dark energy fuels the spaces where once percieved there was limit
Edges have softened and continue to dissolve at the rate of sound

At the speed of light, at the moment of thought
I thought I was; and now am not; but something else.
Something which this space cannot discribe as its own or yours,
Something that has no form, and even these hands cannot hold.

Expansion is the only constant
And cosmic trickster is the only friend of the void
The stardust in these veins longs to return itself to the garden
A cry as the soul wanting to reuinite with itself
The dark matter within these atomic particles yearns to play with the
Dark matter from which it came.

The plenum is the infinite of “I”
Everything exists in order for ‘it’ to know itself
She is hungry and searches for recognition
Reflection can only occur within a substrate

Adishakti is the container for Citta
I am the nothing
and yet enough to mirror what you are