Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Failing into Beauty

"This world is made up of the other world's failures
Feed the world with your failures" - Martin Prectel

'I sharpen the knife with a wetstone of my tears', says the butcher
i offer them as a gift
every tear; a prayer, and an acknowledgement of joy
Joy is at the root of all suffering

I thank you, who is my constant joy
who brings me tears, so that i may remian human
and understand suffering
and understand humanity
and understand humility

The dream that we share is an illusion of another world
another lifetime, of simultaneous realities,
if you can believe such nonsense
that the equal and opposite is also true:)

At this very moment we are struggleing to create
a beautiful vision into form
and yet its failure will feed the other world
and maybe they will understand

I have failed with you; and
I am willing to fail in beauty,
because i am no longer willing to suffer, joyfully